Spy Gadgets - Real Time GPS Vehicle following Device

STOP the looking. STOP the confusion. STOP hidden prices.

Here's however it works
The ONLY Pre-Activated Real Time GPS following Device on the market. alternative corporations claim to activate your huntsman instantly however truly they ship you a huntsman that contains a pre-paid SIM card put in. after you run out of minutes, typically throughout the primary few days, they need to mail you a replacement SIM card.  This huntsman comes tested and pre-activated therefore it's able to go once it arrives.

How long does one have to be compelled to use the tracker?
Pay additional up front and save per month or simply get three months to induce started.

Signing up is straightforward, simply follow these three steps.

Step 1: Service Activation

Step 2: following web site Access

* Activate your Personal following Page

Setup 3: Hardware Activation

All you would like could be a real time GPS Vehicle following system that you simply will clap on your automobile, visit your pc, and track it through the net. Right? Then why area unit there such a lot of we have a tendency tobpages with loads of technical garbage that you simply need to buckle down and do to induce a straight answer? we do not recognize either however we build it our business to chop through the promoting packaging and obtain all the way down to what very matters.

The SlimTRAK Real Time GPS vehicle following system makes all others obsolete! No additional sophisticated wiring or GPS antenna mounting. because of new progressive "high sensitivity antenna" technology, the terribly little SlimTRAK real time huntsman is totally self contained,
  • True Real Time net based mostly Vehicle following
  • Operates up to five days - underneath traditional driving conditions
  • Permanent twelve V affiliation optional
  • Historical following
  • Real Time Vehicle find
  • precise Address work
  • Installs In Seconds - No WIRES!
  • Compatible with mackintosh and laptop Computers.
Real Time GPS Vehicle pursuit 

Operation Steps

1) Activate your huntsman by business the enclosed toll free phone number.
2) Place the huntsman in vehicle or beneath vehicle with the nonobligatory covert huntsman enclosure.
3) move to your laptop (internet service required) and log into the secure web site.

Spy Gadgets - ADSL Call Trap a Spying Device.

If you have got a net association reception or within the workplace then you may nearly actually have AN ADSL filter obstructed into your outlet to make sure that you just will surf the web and use the land line phone at a similar time while not inflicting interference. If you want to record your land line calls, then below traditional circumstances a recorder of some description would got to be connected to the phonephone aspect of the ADSL filter overtly to realize calls recording.

The Spy Gadgets ADSL decision entice captures either side of any speech communication that takes place on the land line to that it's connected. Not solely will it record calls on the road while not alerting the eye of the phone user, however the Broadband net association also can be used at a similar time, thus association to the planet Wide net isn't compromised. It ought to be noted that the electronic equipment socket can't be used for direct broadband association and in and of itself the device is best utilized in a spare 'live' outlet on a similar phonephone line. although the ADSL decision entice is examined outwardly, there's nothing that offers away that the unit is any further than a customary ADSL unit.

This Spying device has an inside decision ‘flash memory’ storage of up to 240 hours. The voice activation recording technology ensures that recording on the road solely takes place once there's noise on the road. this implies that unless there's a line fault on the road inflicting noise, recording can solely occur once the land line is getting used on a decision.

The internal reversible Li-on battery offers up to ten days of standby time and up to five hours of recording time. The battery will charged by connecting to ADSL Call Trap entice to a USB power supply. Offloading and taking note of recorded calls is achieved by association the unit to the USB port of a laptop mistreatment the cable that's furnished with the unit. Recordings will be keep on laptop and deleted off, if needed, to release memory house on the Spy device.

This type of Spy gadgets is extremely secure in this doesn't turn out radio frequencies which will be picked up by counter police work instrumentality, together with Non-Linear Junction Detectors.


  1. Automatic recorder will be used on a Broadband land line.
  2. Integral 240 hour ‘flash’ memory sound system.
  3. Mechanically records either side calls from connected land line.
  4. All covert even below shut external scrutiny.
  5. Rechargeable internal battery - on the average ten days standby/5 hours decision recording time.
  6. Recordings keep in WAV format for simple playback through commonest media players
  7. Straightforward offload of recordings by connecting to a laptop
  8. Untraceable to counter police work sweeping instrumentality
  9. Ideal for security/surveillance professionals or those with a requirement of a completely covert land line decision recording answer.

Necessary Note :

This Spying equipment socket on this unit can't be used for creating a lively direct broadband affiliation and is best utilized in a spare ‘live’ outlet on an equivalent line wherever affiliation of the electronic equipment wire isn't a thought. This unit won't cause any interference or noise on the road to that it's connected. The shut proximity of parts among the filter will cause slight noise on the recorded files, though this doesn't adversely have an effect on the recording quality.



Key Chain Spy Camera & DVR Covert Video Audio Recorder


The Smallest Camera and DVR &built-in microphone

  • Real time recording in AVI video format ,AVI video format: 1280 x 960 pixels
  • Camera format:1280 x 960 pixels
  • Can be used as USB storage device (Don't need driver ) ,memory storage:2GB/4GB/8/16GB for you to select
  • Smallest Pin-hole Camera made especially for spy use.
  • MicroSD card / T-Flash card support: 128MB to 16GB ( 2GB  included)
  • A video recorded voice of the micro-DVR, pen-based video recorded voice with the micro-DVR.
  • Support WINDOWS98/98SE/ME/2000/XP/MAS OS / LINUX operating systems and automatic identification - install the driver, no need manually install (WINDOWS98 exception).
  • Support USB 2.0
  • Easy connection with PC/Laptops, no driver needed
  • Built-in rechargeable Battery type : Lithium-ion 280mha 3.7V
  • Battery Type: High Capacity Polymer Li-ion Battery About Working 180 Minutes
  • Dimensions: 1.2 x 1.95 x 0.4 inch (3cm x 4.9cm x 1cm)

Package Included:

1 --- Brand new Keychain SPY Camera
1 --- Wall charger
1 --- USB cable
1 --- English User manual
1 --- Retail Box